Casadeco - Géode - natural patterns with glossy non-woven wallpaper for your hallway and your dining room

Shimmer and shine pigments adorning the non-woven wallpapers of the collection Géode by Casadeco. Stripes with gradient and natural patterns provide also on murals for a cozy home.

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Inspired by natural materials shows us the collection Géode by Casadeco modern wallpaper and murals for dining room, hallway and living room.

A soft leaf pattern decorated in beige walls in the living room and is supported by the uni wallpaper in gray or beige. Find in this collection matt Unis with fine texture, glossy plains and uni wallpaper with an interesting spatula optic.

Also two stripe pattern provides us Géode: on the one hand a creative stripe pattern with gradient - this is embellished nor beautiful gloss effects and thus provides a great alternative to straight, modern striped pattern of the collection which different stripes show us color gradations.

Another natural motif is a chic tendril pattern. The luster pigments forms an elegant flower tendril which beautiful wall jockeying himself up in the middle of the wallpaper. The matching matt uni wallpaper offers as the perfect companion.

Who wants a natural eye-catcher, the papers in the living room of one of the murals of the collection of Casadeco. The branches pattern shows a section of a tree, which rises almost in the room. In beige or gray it provides a highlight in the room.

The last pattern of the collection is a modern tiled pattern: in dark-gray or beige tiles optics are decorated with glamorous luster pigments and act as a very classy - especially in your hallway or your dining room.

The colors of Géode are held simply and naturally: grays, beige, and cream are gentle and can of petrol, will be beefed up bright-red and mustard yellow and create beautiful color combinations.

Natural pattern, gloss effects and a tile-optics create with Géode by Casadeco natural, special spaces for your home.

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