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Rasch – Uptown – non-woven wallpapers which compensate the stressful everyday life by colours and patterns

The calm colours and the discreet designs of the non-woven wallpapers cater for a relaxed living atmosphere in your rooms. Individual pattern of the collection like 3D effects gives the collection the X-factor and set stylish details. 

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Rasch Uptown 7-402001 white gray living room non-woven wallpaper plants
Item no.: 7-402001
1,99 €/m19,96€*24,95 €
Uptown 7-402827 Rasch pattern wallpaper glitter beige pink living room
Item no.: 7-402827
1,99 €/m19,96€*24,95 €
Rasch Uptown 7-402803 natural-colored non-woven wallpaper glitter pattern
Item no.: 7-402803
1,99 €/m19,96€*24,95 €
Rasch Uptown 7-402544 glitter dark blue non-woven wallpaper flowers
Item no.: 7-402544
1,99 €/m19,96€*24,95 €
7-402353 Rasch Uptown non-woven plain wallpaper light gray hallway mat
Item no.: 7-402353
1,83 €/m18,36€*22,96 €
Uptown 7-402506 Rasch non-woven wallpaper white glitter flowers beige
Item no.: 7-402506
1,99 €/m19,96€*24,95 €
Uptown 7-402728 Rasch gray white geometric pattern wallpaper silver
Item no.: 7-402728
1,99 €/m19,96€*24,95 €
Uptown 7-402476 Rasch pink plain wallpaper kitchen matt non-woven wallpaper
7-402049 Rasch Uptown dark brown plants wallpaper non-woven living room
Item no.: 7-402049
1,99 €/m19,96€*24,95 €
Uptown 7-402919 Rasch gray-white stripes wallpaper non-woven living room
Item no.: 7-402919
1,83 €/m18,36€*22,96 €
7-402902 Rasch Uptown wide stripe wallpaper beige white hallway
Item no.: 7-402902
1,83 €/m18,36€*22,96 €
Uptown 7-402537 Rasch floral wallpaper glitter gray white living room
Item no.: 7-402537
1,99 €/m19,96€*24,95 €
7-402520 Rash Uptown white glitter flowers non-woven wallpaper living room
7-402810 Rasch Uptown non-woven wallpaper cream white blue glitter
Item no.: 7-402810
1,99 €/m19,96€*24,95 €
Rasch Uptown 7-402315 matt non-woven wallpaper white plain wallpaper hallway
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„Uptown“ by Rasch is a non-woven wallpaper collection with smart wallpapers in pastel shades which impart your rooms a relaxed flair.

For one thing the collection bids many different designs for your walls which brings a balance to the city life to your life. Because of the considered use of details the collection gets a feeling of serenity.

The use of calm colours like pastel tones and light grey and beige tones underlines this feature of the collection. With statements like a strong blue or an anthracite the collection not gets broing.

Beside uni wallpapers the collection by Rasch bids less patterned and some conspicuous wallpapers. The conspicuous ones are exceptions. The calm and relaxed collection is interrupted by wallpapers with glitter and 3D effects.

The uni wallpapers have an a bit washed look so they are not completely monotone on the walls.

Because the half of the collection are uni wallpapers, there are many choices to combine the different wallpapers. If accent walls or an extensively pattern wallpaper, the uni wallpaper absorbs the pattern so the room is not too intrusive.

Create your home to a place to feel good and be inspired by the wallpapers of the collection “Uptown” by Rasch.

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