Rasch -Sophie Charlotte - classic and elegant nature motifs as wallpaper for the living room

Sophie Charlotte by Rasch is a classic collection, inspired by the nobility and reinterpreted with contemporary colors. Discover flowers, vines and ornaments with glitter and glamor for your dining and living room.

Inspired by the nobility of the 1920s can be found in the collection Sophie Charlotte von Rasch beautiful natural designs that will give your home a classic and tasteful appearance.

Rasch created this non-woven wallpaper collection by your predecessor, a collection from 1926, which shows the motives of a former noblewoman named Sophie Charlotte - so was born the name of the collection: Sophie Charlotte.

Sophie Charlotte convinced even then with new colors and natural patterns, which managed a completely new wall coverings.

The second point, which makes up this collection, is its C0² neutrality.
Rasch produced this C0² neutral collection, thus helping to ensure the preservation of forests.

Discover a flower pattern that brings a lot of color to the room with big flowers. In part some pattern wallpapers are also provided with gloss.

The second pattern is a rather graphic floral pattern, which is distributed with round flowers on the walls and creates so a modern effect.
The last natural pattern of Sophie Charlotte is a vine pattern, which is accented by a bird and so makes for a classic look in your dining room.

To complement suit the matte and smooth uni wallpaper in the collection, along with a fine check pattern, which is a great alternative or combination possibility for one of the unis. Also stripes must not be missed: The stripes are simply decorated, creating a timeless appearance for your hallway or living room.

Immerse your home with the pattern wallpaper of the Sophie Charlotte collection from Rasch in quality, classic nature motifs for an elegant look in any room.

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