Rasch - Sightseeing – non-woven wallpapers with letterings and motifs of the topic travel and pattern in many different colours

The collection „Sightseeing“ by the wallpaper manufacturer Rasch bids a diversified range of beautiful wallpapers. On the one side the collection brings individual sights to your home. On the other side this collection convinces with cozy pattern for a relaxed holiday feeling in your own house.

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7-431926 Rasch Sightseeing Gray uni non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-431926
1,47 €/m14,76€*19,94 €
7-798326 Rasch Sightseeing striped wallpaper non-woven gray
Item no.: 7-798326
1,54 €/m15,51€*20,96 €
Quick sightseeing 7-799507 stone look cream non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-799507
1,76 €/m17,72€*23,95 €
Rasch Sightseeing 7-799613 Wooden wallpaper beige non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-799613
1,76 €/m17,72€*23,95 €
Quick Sightseeing 7-795103 silver non-woven wallpaper skyline
Item no.: 7-795103
1,87 €/m18,83€*25,45 €
Quick sightseeing 7-893328 non-woven wallpaper Manhhatten night gray
Item no.: 7-893328
188,66 €/Stück188,66€*254,95 €
Rasch 7-433005 Sightseeing Ornament motif non-woven cream
Item no.: 7-433005
1,76 €/m17,73€*23,95 €
Quick sightseeing 7-701616 light green graphic motif
Item no.: 7-701616
1,76 €/m17,72€*23,95 €
Quick sightseeing 7-433029 ornament pattern non-woven gray
Item no.: 7-433029
1,76 €/m17,73€*23,95 €
7-701739 Rasch Sightseeing khaki non-woven wallpaper graphically non-woven
Rasch 7-798333 Sightseeing striped wallpaper non-woven cream
Item no.: 7-798333
1,54 €/m15,51€*20,96 €
Rasch 7-799606 Sightseeing wooden wallpaper cream non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-799606
1,76 €/m17,73€*23,95 €
7-701760 Rasch Sightseeing Petrol non-woven wallpaper graphically non-woven
7-433036 Rasch Sightseeing Ornament Pattern non-woven anthracite
Item no.: 7-433036
1,76 €/m17,72€*23,95 €
Quick Sightseeing 7-701647 Graphic Ornament dark blue
Item no.: 7-701647
1,76 €/m17,73€*23,95 €
Rasch 7-431964 Sightseeing Dark blue uni non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-431964
1,54 €/m15,51€*20,96 €
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The non-woven wallpapers of the collection „Sightseeing“ by Rasch are suitable for livable rooms like for example the living rooms or the bedroom. The manufacturer say this wallpapers give the room a feeling of one of the best moments in your life and generate the memories and feelings of wanderlust.

Because of the versatility of the collection the wallpapers harmonize very well in combinations. Beside wallpapers with letterings like for example with names of different cities from all over the world in a soft brown with beige, a variety of discreet one-coloured or plain pattern wallpapers in harmonic colours are offered.

The wallpapers are in colours like beige, different shades of brown or subdued colours like rose. In contrast there are also wallpapers in stronger colours like royal blue, violet or yellow.

The surface of the wallpapers are dull and structured. Individual pattern set a highlight on your walls because of a metallic effect.

The collection “Sightseeing” by Rasch bids the right wallpaper for every style. From a calm, discreet striped wallpaper with plain colours to a yellow glowing wallpaper with shiny effects. Rasch enables everybody the personal living enjoyment.

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