Rasch Ecomotion Pure Living - The PVC-free non-woven wallpaper in a natural look

Enjoy all the visual advantages of a vinyl wallpaper with the non-woven wallpapers of the Pure Living collection, but without PVC! The wallpapers are printed on an ecodeco fleece and are therefore the modern version of eco-wallpaper! The delicate motifs such as leaves, ornaments, stripes and flower mums underline the natural wallpaper with their natural colors.

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7-602623 Rasch Pure Living PVC free nonwoven ornament wallpaper green
Item no.: 7-602623
2,86 €/m28,76€*39,95 €
7-603156 Rasch Pure Living PVC free non-woven stripe wallpaper green
Item no.: 7-603156
2,86 €/m28,76€*39,95 €
Pure Living PVC free fleece Rasch 7-602814 cream beige leaf wallpaper
Item no.: 7-602814
2,86 €/m28,76€*39,95 €
7-602821 Rasch Pure Living PVC free non-woven sheet wallpaper silver
Item no.: 7-602821
2,86 €/m28,76€*39,95 €
Pure Living PVC free fleece Rasch 7-602616 silver ornament wallpaper
Item no.: 7-602616
2,86 €/m28,76€*39,95 €
Rasch Pure Living 7-603224 PVC free non-woven plain wallpaper cream beige
Item no.: 7-603224
2,86 €/m28,76€*39,95 €
7-603279 Rasch Pure Living PVC free non-woven plain wallpaper pink
Item no.: 7-603279
2,86 €/m28,76€*39,95 €
Pure Living PVC free fleece Rasch 7-603149 silver stripes wallpaper
Item no.: 7-603149
2,86 €/m28,76€*39,95 €
7-603125 Rasch Pure Living PVC free non-woven stripe wallpaper cream beige
Pure Living PVC free fleece Rasch 7-602845 green olive mint leaf wallpaper
Rasch Pure Living 7-602920 PVC free non-woven flower umber wallpaper green
Pure Living PVC free fleece Rasch 7-602937 pink flower umbels wallpaper
Item no.: 7-602937
2,86 €/m28,76€*39,95 €
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The special wallpaper collection Pure Living" from the wallpaper manufacturer Rasch is a real eye-catcher – not only at first view. In the production of non-woven wallpaper is completely dispensed plasticizer, PVC and solvents, to give you a completely perfect living environment. Thanks to the environmentally conscious production, the wallpapers are also completely odorless and can therefore be used without any harm to your home.

The patterns of non-woven wallpaper convince by their naturalness. The focus of this particular collection is on natural patterns and soft colors that find their place in every room.

Starting with soft ornaments in natural colors, each of your walls gets an individual and unique look. Matching to this you will find color-coordinated uni wallpapers, which pick up the colors of the ornaments and thus conjure a perfect ambience.

Also an eye-catcher on the wall are the non-woven wallpapers with leaf motifs. The large leaves give each room a cozy and inviting atmosphere. With the appropriate striped and uni wallpapers, the other walls also find a stylish clothing.

With natural floral patterns you bring a fresh flair in your walls. Whether in the bedroom, living room or dining room – the non-woven wallpaper can be used perfectly in every room to create a stylish accent.

Give your home a lively and natural look with the non-woven wallpapers from the Pure Living collection by Rasch. Through the environmentally conscious production of wallpapers you get an ecologically harmless non-woven wallpaper for a stylish living.

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