Rasch - Lucy in the Sky - fresh ambience through colorful non-woven wallpaper with nature motifs

In the wallpaper collection "Lucy in the Sky" by Rasch Textil you will find numerous non-woven wallpapers in bright colors with natural motifs for a fresh and unique ambience in your home. Whether colorful flowers or pink flamingos - with the help of non-woven wallpaper, you can bring the summer into your rooms.

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Bring the summer into your four walls all over the year – “Lucy in the Sky” by the famous wallpaper manufacturer Rasch brings a big choice of colourful non-woven wallpapers with alive nature motifs for your home.

Wake up in the morning with a good mood in the fresh ambience of your bedroom. Floral motifs find their place everywhere. Whether in a watercolor look or with clear structures - flowers always leave an impressive appearance.

A tropical ambiance brings the non-woven wallpaper with colorful birds that spread on small branches. The different color options offer the right choice for every taste.

The selected color combinations of non-woven wallpapers provide a fresh atmosphere, which ensures a good mood. The bright colors of the non-woven wallpapers radiate even more through darkly chosen backgrounds.

For a perfect rounded room image, bright uni wallpapers provide the perfect complement to the patterned wallpaper. Eye-catching colors and a fine linen look make every wall an absolute eye-catcher.

Palm leaves provide a special flair, especially in the living room. Whether in colorful, fresh colors or in a plain light gray with nacre shiny background, the palm leaves leave in the living room an extraordinary and tropical flair.

Even for those who do not want to fall directly into the house with their wall design, the collection offers simple cream and beige tones that promise a warm and cozy room ambience despite their discreet coloring.

With the wallpapers of the collection "Lucy in the Sky" by Rasch Textil your 4 walls get a fresh and natural ambience. Colorful nature motifs ensure a special feel-good factor.

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