Rasch – Hyde Park – fresh colours cater for special moments in your home

This modern non-woven wallpaper collection gives your home a fresh breeze. With cheerful colours and different pattern the collection creates an atmosphere like in the nature. 

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Bring a sense of nature in your home with the wallpaper collection “Hyde Park”. The non-woven wallpaper collection by Rasch bids a big choice of natural wallpapers. If colours or pattern, the collection combines both and bids a many-sided choice of wallpapers.


An example is a non-woven wallpaper in a natural brown and beige shade which makes some trees on your walls. The combination of these colours and the motif underlines the natural effect again.


To support this wallpaper there are some wallpapers in this collection which scores with happy colours. These give your rooms a feeling of summer and cheerfulness and extend the light grey, beige and brown shades.


Compatible colourful uni wallpapers serve for a perfect combination and set beautiful details in your rooms. If the living room, the kitchen or the hallway, with this wallpapers of the collection Hyde Park every room gets a bit more colours and friendliness.


Statements could be set with single, more conspicuous wallpapers of the collection. A shimmering silver or a darker colour like black caters for a highlight in the room.


The wallpapers by Rasch can be appointed in every room. Wake up in a happy environment in your bedroom or cook in a nature-friendly atmosphere. The collection bids clearance for interpretation.


Discover the stylish and cheerful wallpaper collection “Hyde Park” by Rasch and create your home in a happy style.

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