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Rasch - Fiducia - nature motifs, stripes and plains with a plaster look on non-woven wallpaper in subtle colors

Modernity combined with comfort shows the non-woven collection Fiducia by Rasch. Uni wallpaper with wipe optics and matt surface, tendrils and leaves decorate with stripes and graphics the living room.

Rasch Fiducia 7-424706 gray-brown tendril pattern non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-424706
2,07 €/m20,77€*25,95 €
7-424768 Fiducia Rasch shining tendrils light beige non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-424768
2,07 €/m20,77€*25,95 €
7-424744 Fiducia Rasch beige non-woven wallpaper tendril pattern
Item no.: 7-424744
2,07 €/m20,77€*25,95 €
Rasch Fiducia 7-424751 tendril pattern light-green woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-424751
2,07 €/m20,77€*25,95 €
Rasch Fiducia 7-425178 flower tendrils lavender wallpaper living room
Item no.: 7-425178
2,07 €/m20,77€*25,95 €
Rasch Fiducia 7-425406 strip wallpaper non-woven wallpaper gray-brown
Item no.: 7-425406
2,07 €/m20,77€*25,95 €
7-425093 Fiducia Rasch light beige graphics non-woven wallpaper retro style
Rasch Fiducia 7-425208 gray-brown letters non-woven wallpaper distressed
Item no.: 7-425208
2,07 €/m20,77€*25,95 €
Rasch Fiducia 7-425239 light beige letters non-woven wallpaper shiny
Item no.: 7-425239
2,07 €/m20,77€*25,95 €
7-425017 Fiducia Rasch cream non-woven wallpaper graphic pattern
Item no.: 7-425017
2,07 €/m20,77€*25,95 €
7-424416 Fiducia Rasch uni wallpaper non-woven wallpaper light blue-gray
Item no.: 7-424416
1,91 €/m19,16€*23,95 €
7-425413 Fiducia Rasch wallpaper stripes light gray non-woven wallpaper matt

Natural colors, matte and glossy surfaces times, graphics, tendrils and leaves, and modern characters, see the collection Fiducia by Rasch.
The mix of natural designs and graphic patterns keeps the right wallpaper for each one ready.

Dining room and living room are the heart of the home and may therefore like to appear warm and exude security. The two natural designs of this collection are just the right thing:
A romantic flower pattern on the wall climbs up - the colors of the flowers stand out beautifully on the wall and put some color accents.

For a slight touch of glamor the vines wallpaper from Fiducia provides. Light shimmering tendrils make alone or in combination with the matching strip wallpaper a great figure in the living room.
The stripe wallpaper will stand out by its soft gradient from others and gives the room a friendly appearance.

Momentum and retro feeling brings the graphic pattern of the collection by Rasch in your rooms: A curved graphic can be great wallpaper as an accent wall - whether horizontally or vertically.

A print pattern with creative letter is the highlight on the wall. The letters form a font with a slight sheen and are perfect for the loft style in working or living room.

Perfect for all these pattern wallpaper are the mat uni wallpaper collection, here so special is the light wiping optics - so the walls seem especially modern. The colors range from here light blue and lavender to dark red and light green. Beige, cream and dark-gray are not being missed.

Decorate your walls with plain and subtle colors on modern and timeless pattern wallpaper with the collection Fiducia by Rasch.

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