Rasch – Crispy Paper - photorealistic wallpapers with impressive motives

Deceptively real act the wallpaper of the collection Crispy Paper from Rasch. Topics like old Apothecary cabinets or wooden pallets in different various combinations and in life-size make with photorealism this collection to an unique collection.

7-524444 Crispy Paper Rasch withe non-woven wallpaper vintage wooden door
Item no.: 7-524444
1,67 €/m16,77€*23,95 €
7-524710 Crispy Paper Rasch brown beige non-woven wallpaper tiles
Item no.: 7-524710
1,67 €/m16,77€*23,95 €
7-527018_L Crispy Paper Rasch beige sand matt non-woven wallpaper smooth
Item no.: 7-527018
1,60 €/m16,07€*22,96 €
7-525809 Crispy Paper Rasch Vintage bookshelf brown non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-525809
1,67 €/m16,77€*23,95 €
7-526301 Crispy Paper Rasch tile pattern gray non-woven wallpaper colorful
7-526325 Crispy Paper Rasch tile pattern blue white non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-526325
1,67 €/m16,77€*23,95 €
7-525519 Crispy Paper Rasch non-woven wallpaper Ganesha beige Buddha
Item no.: 7-525519
1,67 €/m16,77€*23,95 €
Rasch Crispy Paper 7-524901 green non-woven wallpaper hemp palm leaves
Item no.: 7-524901
1,67 €/m16,77€*23,95 €
Rasch Crispy Paper 7-525625 woven wallpaper red rose petals wine red
Item no.: 7-525625
1,67 €/m16,77€*23,95 €
Rasch Crispy Paper 7-525502 elephant Buddha non-woven wallpaper black
Item no.: 7-525502
1,67 €/m16,77€*23,95 €
Rasch Crispy Paper 7-524116 non-woven wallpaper brown wood pallets
Item no.: 7-524116
1,67 €/m16,77€*23,95 €
7-527056 Crispy Paper Rasch light gray plain smooth non-woven wallpaper matt

The wallpaper collection Crispy Paper from Rasch stands for modern and photorealistic wallpapers in life size - just right if you are looking for special wallpapers.

Apothecary cabinets as they are known from the past, from any pharmacy, poured many storage drawers handles made of brass. Just showing a series of wallpapers from this collection. In three colors such as brown, black, and in a creamy white, Apothecary cabinets show in authenticity size.

Currently tables, beds and shelves built from Euro pallets are called absolute. These wallpaper series exactly concerned with stacked Euro pallets in authenticity size and photorealistic print in a light brown and dark brown. With this exciting wallpaper series you are right at the front in the trend.

Impressively, it is with metal lockers in three color versions as gray, light gray and mint green. These wallpapers are attractive because of their real effect. Printed in life size and perfect for a real eye-catcher, small castles decorate the locker compartments and give the wallpaper the finishing touche.

Packing paper plays a major role in a next series of wallpapers. Stacked parcels wrapped with creased packing paper and tied with cord package for the post office. This realistic looking wallpapers tear each eye. On the subject of paper provides the collection newspaper pages from a French daily journal. Here is a slightly bleached yellow Diary with colored images or a black and with edition of the newspaper for selection.

Even wood can be found in this wallpaper collection. Whether old shutters with ornate hinges rotten wood or wooden doors with ornaments, these wallpapers all include a touch of vintage. A bookcase filled with dictionaries and other thick books from the earlier era the slight vintage flair this collection again.

Romantic it is with Rose wallpapers in three color variations. Red rose petals conjure up any room a romantic mood. White roses represent innocence and purity with this photorealistic wallpaper selection are each look.

Finally, there is a somewhat unusual wallpaper variant. In the spirit of Feng Shui provides the collection a wallpaper of the Buddha Goddess Ganesha is set in stone to see.

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