Rasch - Cosmopolitan - elegant upholstery and animal skin optics on non-woven for a modern living room

Imitation leather conjure up as different upholstery looks classic optics and premium wall designs. As a mix of styles can be combined for upholstery in the collection of Cosmopolitan by Rasch animal skin optics as snake and crocodile. Transform your rooms into an elegant lounge.

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Rasch Cosmopolitan 7-576306 uni wallpaper wine red non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-576306
2,57 €/m25,87€*36,95 €
Rasch Cosmopolitan 7-576672 non-woven wallpaper black cushion optics
Item no.: 7-576672
2,71 €/m27,27€*38,95 €
7-576221 Cosmopolitan Rasch cushion optics silver non-woven wallpaper shine
Rasch Cosmopolitan 7-576580 purple diamond pattern non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-576580
2,71 €/m27,27€*38,95 €
Rasch Cosmopolitan 7-576016 uni wallpaper woven wallpaper dark brown
Item no.: 7-576016
2,57 €/m25,87€*36,95 €
7-576085 Cosmopolitan Rasch purple matt uni wallpaper non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-576085
2,57 €/m25,87€*36,95 €
7-576108 Cosmopolitan Rasch crocodile skin look burgundy non-woven
Item no.: 7-576108
2,99 €/m30,07€*42,95 €
Rasch Cosmopolitan 7-576610 non-woven wallpaper upholstery look dark brown
7-576498 Cosmopolitan Rasch cushion optics Chestnut Brown wallpaper
Item no.: 7-576498
2,71 €/m27,27€*38,95 €
7-576313 Cosmopolitan Rasch uni wallpaper woven wallpaper dark blue
Item no.: 7-576313
2,57 €/m25,87€*36,95 €
Rasch Cosmopolitan 7-575682 snakeskin-look wallpaper violet
Item no.: 7-575682
3,27 €/m32,87€*46,95 €
7-576276 Cosmopolitan Rasch cushion optics non-woven wallpaper black
Item no.: 7-576276
2,71 €/m27,27€*38,95 €
Rasch Cosmopolitan 7-576436 dark blue non-woven wallpaper upholstery
Item no.: 7-576436
2,71 €/m27,27€*38,95 €
7-576207 Cosmopolitan Rasch woven wallpaper cushion optics Wine Red
Item no.: 7-576207
2,71 €/m27,27€*38,95 €
Rasch Cosmopolitan 7-576146 crocodile skin look taupe non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-576146
2,99 €/m30,07€*42,95 €
7-576603 Cosmopolitan Rasch imitation leather upholstery wallpaper brown
Item no.: 7-576603
2,71 €/m27,27€*38,95 €
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Who does not dream of exquisite, elegant wallpaper to beautify their favorite rooms? The high-quality non-woven wallpaper collection Cosmopolitan by Rasch makes this possible. Noble wallpaper with imitation leather and shiny animal skin optics become the new highlight in your living room.

Let's discover the first four different upholstery pattern of the collection:
Firstly, the non-woven wallpapers have an imprint that makes them look almost like genuine leather. But shades and ornaments create a 3D Effekt on the wall or act like pearls that decorate the wallpaper and forms the pad pattern. The different pattern wallpaper showing different leather patterns similar come the favorite armchair confusingly and are not just something for the eyes.

The second theme of the collection is devoted to the modern animal skin optics:
Firstly, the crocodile and the snake inspired this pattern wallpaper from Cosmopolitan. With matt surface the wallpaper is also convincing in rather plainer facilities. Who wants to put a cheeky highlight, which counts on the snakeskin-look which is not overlooked with your shiny feel and tones like violet and lime green.

The colors of the collection from Rasch are very intense: Romantic old-pink and violet is supported by dark-blue and chestnut brown and elegant creamy white. However, dark-brown and taupe find their place in Cosmopolitan.
Get creative and mix different shades of red with each other - even with different patterns you can create an interesting mix of styles.

The unis you can find in the matching colors too - so your creativity has no more obstacles.
Discover with the Cosmopolitan collection by Rasch modern upholstery pattern and exciting animal skin optics for chic and sophisticated rooms.

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