Rasch - Barbara Becker Part 5 - cushion covers, decorative curtains and wallpaper in colorful Miami style

Inspired by your residence Miami created Barbara Becker with the manufacturer Rasch a wallpaper collection of cushion optics, flamingos and flowers, creating a mix of holiday feeling and big city adventure. Matching decorative fabrics and cushion covers provide the extra bit of comfort.

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45-197551_L b.b home passion 5 Barbara Becker sand cushion cover Beach
Item no.: 45-197551
12,76 €/Stück12,76€*15,95 €
Barbara Becker b.b home passion 5 45-197841_L cushion cover brown sequins
Item no.: 45-197841
14,36 €/Stück14,36€*17,95 €
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"Joy of living can be set up." - Is the motto of the fifth Barbara Becker Collection for the wallpaper manufacturer Rasch. Let the fresh and glamorous patterns enchant and round off the overall picture in the living room with matching finished decorations and cushion covers.

The Flamingo is the landmark of Miami and must therefore not be missing in this collection. In bright pink he dances on a few wooden slats destroyed on the walls and is perfect as an eye in a drab living room. Especially perfect the beach house feeling is what leaves this pattern wallpaper.

Who is not getting enough of the beach feeling a pattern wallpaper wallpapered with matt surface and sand-clay in the living room. A wallpaper with writing in sand or covered with colorful flowers in the sand bring the beach into your home. The patterned wallpaper brings joy and relaxation on the walls. To combine the matte plain wallpapers are with fine structure in light-green, beige or sand-gray.

Expensive furniture and an imposing skyline comes with cushion-optics and shiny skyscrapers in your bedroom. The shiny cushion optics give the appearance for a cool hot spot at a club in Miami and the high-rise pattern adorns the walls. A mural with mirror ball pattern makes the Downtown-look perfectly at night.

The last pattern wallpaper from Barbara Becker Home Passion Part 5 is a neo-baroque patterns in light colors, in gray, cream and beige decorates it together with a stripe wallpaper your hall or the living room.

Bathe your home with the special pattern wallpaper, murals and decorations in a modern Miami-style.

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