Rasch Textil - Vista 5 – cork, granules and bamboo as wallpaper for the living room and the hallway

Elegant and special but nevertheless ecologically valuable is the wallpaper collection Vista 5 by Rasch Textil. In this collection you will find natural materials such as grass, Mica and sisal as wall covering for unique spaces.

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Rasch Textil Vista 5 23-213675 Silver Mica Wallpaper shiny
Item no.: 23-213675
33,70 €/m33,70€*50,30 €
23-213644 Vista 5 Rasch Textil silver-gray mica-shiny wallpaper
Item no.: 23-213644
33,70 €/m33,70€*50,30 €
Rasch Textil Vista 5 23-215341 Mica Wallpaper khaki-green shiny
Item no.: 23-215341
33,70 €/m33,70€*50,30 €
23-214900 Vista 5 Rasch Textil light brown cork wallpaper course
Item no.: 23-214900
27,58 €/m27,58€*38,85 €
23-213781 Vista 5 Rasch Textil light beige raffia wallpaper corridor
Item no.: 23-213781
33,70 €/m33,70€*50,30 €
Rasch Textil Vista 5 23-213798 cork wallpaper light beige shiny
Item no.: 23-213798
33,70 €/m33,70€*50,30 €
Rasch Textil Vista 5 23-215525 light brown bamboo wallpaper Nature
Item no.: 23-215525
31,19 €/m31,19€*44,55 €
Rasch Textil Vista 5 23-213637 bamboo wallpaper brown-red corridor
Item no.: 23-213637
54,67 €/m54,67€*77,00 €
Rasch Textil Vista 5 23-213835 cork wallpaper khaki-green gloss
Item no.: 23-213835
33,70 €/m33,70€*50,30 €
23-070247 Vista 5 Rasch Textil sisal wallpaper coffee-brown structure
Item no.: 23-070247
32,96 €/m32,96€*37,45 €
Rasch Textil Vista 5 23-213873 beige-gray cork wallpaper shiny
Item no.: 23-213873
33,70 €/m33,70€*50,30 €
23-213880 Vista 5 Rasch Textil raffia wallpaper light beige dining room
Item no.: 23-213880
39,52 €/m39,52€*56,45 €
Rasch Textil Vista 5 23-070308 light beige gloss sisal wallpaper
Item no.: 23-070308
32,96 €/m32,96€*37,45 €
23-070278 Vista 5 Rasch Textil taupe structure sisal wallpaper
Item no.: 23-070278
32,96 €/m32,96€*37,45 €
Rasch Textil Vista 5 23-215365 Mica Wallpaper khaki-green shiny
Item no.: 23-215365
33,70 €/m33,70€*50,30 €
23-213804 Vista 5 Rasch Textil beige cork wallpaper Living
Item no.: 23-213804
57,82 €/m57,82€*80,30 €
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The beauty of nature is at the forefront of this luxurious collection by Rasch Textil. Vista is now in the fifth round and presents wallpaper, which are ecologically valuable and incidentally provide even extraordinary walls.

Seven different natural materials combines the collection by Rasch Textil.
These not only look good but also offer important advantages such as acoustic and thermal insulation. With this wallpaper you create unique spaces because each running meter is unique, because nature never repeates or otherwise complies with repeats.

A natural look is achieved with haptics as grass, bamboo and sisal. The textured surface and high-quality finish is modern and natural in your living and dining rooms.

Elegant and high quality work the surfaces cork and Mica - the individual gloss accents shimmer depending on the light differently and so to highlight in your home.

The colors of Vista 5 are a mix between metallic and natural:
Warm brown, gray and khaki provide spaces to relax. Bronze, gold and various silver tones provide elegance and glamor in your hallway.

Very creative designers can be inspired and combine various natural haptics each other and give each wall so their own character and smoothes the eye of the visitor. Shiny granules for example, offers a great accent to matt bamboo - so rooms are becoming an experience.

Discover wallpaper with natural materials for themselves and paper a natural look with cork, bamboo or Mica to your four walls. The high-quality wallpapers provide in all cases for a real eye-catcher in any room.

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