Rasch Textil - Tintura – non-woven wallpaper with ornaments in the style of old paintings with glossy accents

An old fresco painting and crackle optics remember the quality non-woven walllpaper of the Tintura collection by Rasch Textil. Glossy Accents support modern colors in the living room and bedroom.

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23-227351 Tintura Rasch Textil light beige stripes wallpaper non-woven
Item no.: 23-227351
3,98 €/m39,96€*49,94 €
Rasch Textil Tintura 23-227160 fuchsia uni wallpaper non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-227160
3,98 €/m39,96€*49,94 €
Rasch Textil Tintura 23-227344 striped wallpaper taupe non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-227344
3,98 €/m39,96€*49,94 €
Rasch Textil Tintura 23-227122 painting textured wallpaper creme
Item no.: 23-227122
5,17 €/m51,92€*64,90 €
23-227214 Tintura Rasch Textil light beige uni wallpaper non-woven
Item no.: 23-227214
3,98 €/m39,96€*49,94 €
Rasch Textil Tintura 23-227221 creme uni wallpaper non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-227221
3,98 €/m39,96€*49,94 €
23-227030 Tintura Rasch Textil non-woven wallpaper fuchsia ornament
Item no.: 23-227030
3,98 €/m39,96€*49,94 €
Rasch Textil Tintura 23-227467 taupe uni wallpaper non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-227467
3,98 €/m39,96€*49,94 €
Rasch Textil Tintura 23-227085 blue-green painting structure non-woven
Item no.: 23-227085
5,17 €/m51,92€*64,90 €
23-227191 Tintura Rasch Textil uni wallpaper non-woven wallpaper blue-gray
Item no.: 23-227191
3,98 €/m39,96€*49,94 €
Rasch Textil Tintura 23-227429 beige ornament non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-227429
3,98 €/m39,96€*49,94 €
Rasch Textil Tintura 23-227382 stripes wallpaper creme non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-227382
3,98 €/m39,96€*49,94 €
Rasch Textil Tintura 23-227009 blue ornament non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-227009
3,98 €/m39,96€*49,94 €
23-227115 Tintura Rasch Textil creme non-woven wallpaper painting structure
23-227290 Tintura Rasch Textil light beige uni wallpaper non-woven wallpaper
23-227337 Tintura Rasch Textil dark-red stripes wallpaper non-woven
Item no.: 23-227337
3,98 €/m39,96€*49,94 €
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Tintura from Rasch Textil is a non-woven wallpaper collection with paintings optics in modern tones that give a special character to the room.

The pattern wallpapers are firstly a romantic ornament with elegance up the wall meanders and the space can act classic. The second ornamental pattern is a chic ornament which beautifies extensively the wall in your bedroom.
Another pattern creates a very noble effect on the wall - the structure of the wallpaper pattern reminiscent of an old painting, thus ensuring a special charm in your hallway or your living room.

As combinations Tintura keeps ready unis and stripes. The strip surprise by their width: Ca. 13 cm wide strips provide a classic look to the wall. The uni wallpaper stand out by their shiny appearance of other unis: through creative, brilliant course shimmers uni wallpaper so beautiful depending on the light on the wall and get a sophisticated look.

The latest wallpaper from the collection of high quality Rasch Textil is a mottled plain wallpaper. The walls are times weaker times stronger dipped in color - these uni wallpaper has a slight sheen on the surface, thus ensuring a noble wall dress in the bedroom.

The colors of Tintura are very modern. Color mix as beige and blue or vivid colors like fuchsia and dark red are complemented by natural tones such as cream, beige and dark brown.

Bathe your home in an elegant painting optics with the creative and special patterned wallpaper and unis of the Tintura collection.

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