Rasch Textil - Strictly Stripes - a nice selection of stripe wallpaper for the living room

Who is looking for a stripe wallpaper will find in the collection is "Strictly Stripes" by Rasch Textil certainly the right thing. A wide selection of stripes in different color combinations and variations beautifies your bedroom and living room.

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23-361987 Strictly Stripes bordeaux-red stripes non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-361987
4,73 €/m47,56€*55,95 €
Strictly Stripes 23-361758 strips non-woven wallpaper bronze
Item no.: 23-361758
5,37 €/m53,98€*63,50 €
Strictly Stripes 23-362304 red-white stripe non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-362304
5,37 €/m53,98€*63,50 €
Strictly Stripes 23-968926 decorative fabric cream-white flowers
Item no.: 23-968926
219,00 €/Stück219,00€*
23-361888 Strictly Stripes reddish-white stripes non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-361888
5,37 €/m53,98€*63,50 €
Strictly Stripes 23-362076 non-woven wallpaper sand-gray stripes
Item no.: 23-362076
4,22 €/m42,42€*49,90 €
23-361925 Strictly Stripes grey non-woven wallpaper stripes
Item no.: 23-361925
5,37 €/m53,98€*63,50 €
23-361826 Strictly Stripes dark-red non-woven wallpaper stripes
Item no.: 23-361826
5,37 €/m53,98€*63,50 €
23-362410 Strictly Stripes gray vinyl wallpaper flower tendrils
Item no.: 23-362410
3,99 €/m39,91€*46,95 €
23-362069 Strictly Stripes Uni sand-gray non-woven wallpaper living room
Item no.: 23-362069
4,22 €/m42,42€*49,90 €
23-361840 Strictly Stripes non-woven wallpaper stripes bronze
Item no.: 23-361840
5,37 €/m53,98€*63,50 €
Strictly Stripes 23-362090 dark-brown non-woven wallpaper stripes
Item no.: 23-362090
4,22 €/m42,42€*49,90 €
23-362335 Strictly Stripes marine-blue stripes vinyl wallpaper
Item no.: 23-362335
4,25 €/m42,46€*49,94 €
Strictly Stripes Stripe 23-361833 reddish-white non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-361833
5,37 €/m53,98€*63,50 €
Strictly Stripes 23-361635 grey-brown textile wallpaper stripes
Item no.: 23-361635
6,49 €/m65,20€*76,70 €
Strictly Stripes 23-362014 cream-white non-woven wallpaper stripes
Item no.: 23-362014
4,98 €/m50,08€*58,91 €
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Find in the wide selection of different stripes wallpaper of the collection "Strictly Stripes" by Rasch Textil your perfect stripe-wallpaper:

Gentle gradients conjure on non-woven wallpaper a light striped look on your walls in the living room. The gradient of the pattern-wallpaper shimmers on the wall and dives your living room with beige-red and marine blue in exciting colors.

Create in your bedroom or living room great color contrasts with stripe wallpaper, which include great fresh, bright colors such as blue and green-yellow in addition to natural brown and gray tones. The combination of natural and rich colors is with these non-woven wallpaper an eye-catcher in your home.

Thanks to the wide range of different widths and combinations of your creativity in "Strictly Stripes" is no limits: Paper the stripe-wallpaper horizontally, vertically, or even each other.

Lots of shine and sophisticated shimmering shiny walls you create with the collection by the manufacturer Rasch Textil: Tones like bronze, gold and silver stand for elegance and pull into your living room every eye.

But even simple living rooms can be created with these stripe wallpapers: Beautiful tone-on-tone stripe pattern on non-woven fabric in natural brown, gray and cream achieve a great feel-good mood in the bedroom.

Send textile-wallpaper can also be found in "Strictly Stripes": Beautiful shiny thread structures cover the wallpaper and cool ice-blue and sand-brown and cream tones give the living and dining room a very elegant and special look.

For a living room or hallway with a maritime theme, the wallpaper collection features a stripe pattern with sailor knots. Color combinations of red-white and blue-white bring the trend into your home.

Vinyl wallpaper with a wooden-slats pattern bring a real beach feeling and a casual surfer look in your living room. The great worn-look makes the wallpaper in light-blue, denim-blue and beige, seem like real wood slats on the wall.

Delight yourself with "Strictly Stripes" by Rasch Textil on a wide range modern and beautiful wallpaper for the perfect striped look in your home.

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