Rasch Textil - Cassata - Noble Textile wall coverings with natural patterns and ornaments for living room

Vibrant colors and elegant patterns collide in the textile wallpaper collection Cassata from Rasch Textil. Tropical flowers, leopard-print and classical ornament are waiting to create special rooms.

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Rasch Textil Cassata 23-256535 non-woven wallpaper dark green leaves
Item no.: 23-256535
9,13 €/m91,76€*124,00 €
Rasch Textil Cassata 23-077178 uni wallpaper textile wallpaper Magenta
Item no.: 23-077178
4,41 €/m44,36€*59,95 €
23-077536 Cassata Rasch Textile wallpaper creme Flower Vine
Item no.: 23-077536
4,41 €/m44,36€*59,95 €
23-077505 Cassata Rasch Textil creme thin strips textile wallpaper
Item no.: 23-077505
4,41 €/m44,36€*59,95 €
23-256511 Cassata Rasch Textil gray leaves pattern non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-256511
9,13 €/m91,76€*124,00 €
Rasch Textile Velluto 23-077147 textile wallpaper gray Uni
Item no.: 23-077147
4,41 €/m44,36€*59,95 €
Rasch Textil Cassata 23-077352 ornament dark red textile wallpaper
Item no.: 23-077352
6,62 €/m66,56€*89,95 €
Rasch Textil Cassata 23-077239 Magenta Textile wallpaper ornament
Item no.: 23-077239
6,62 €/m66,56€*89,95 €
Rasch Textil Cassata 23-077475 leopard pattern brick-red wallpaper
Item no.: 23-077475
6,25 €/m62,86€*84,95 €
23-077444 Cassata Rasch Textil taupe leopard pattern textile wallpaper
Item no.: 23-077444
6,25 €/m62,86€*84,95 €
23-077277 Cassata Rasch Textil creme-white ornament textile wallpaper
Item no.: 23-077277
5,15 €/m51,77€*69,95 €
Rasch Textil Cassata 23-077291 taupe ornament textile wallpaper
Item no.: 23-077291
6,62 €/m66,56€*89,95 €
Rasch Textil Cassata 23-077246 ornament dark-gray textile wallpaper
Item no.: 23-077246
6,62 €/m66,56€*89,95 €
23-077390 Cassata Rasch Textile wallpaper leopard print gray
Item no.: 23-077390
4,78 €/m48,06€*64,95 €
23-256528 Cassata Rasch Textil bright-green leaves non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-256528
9,13 €/m91,76€*124,00 €
23-077284 Cassata Rasch Textile wallpaper beige Ornament
Item no.: 23-077284
6,62 €/m66,56€*89,95 €
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Rooms full of good humor and extravagant patterns you create with the textile- and non-woven wallpapers of the collection Cassata by Rasch Textil.

Discover first the cheerful colors of the collection: Grass-Green, gaudy magenta, dark blue and orange are just a few of the interesting colors of Cassata.

The first motive shows us a wild leopard pattern. Animal prints are in vogue, decorating not only the furniture but also the walls. Create with such a pattern wallpaper a great accent wall and combine a uni-wallpaper.

Also, the mix between eye-catching colors and classic patterns is at Cassata a big issue: An ornamental pattern in a bright color is a highlight in your room. All this is like something simple, decorating your rooms with a beige or taupe tendril and leave the living room seem so romantic.

The tropical flower pattern lets the summer all year round in your home: Pink-red flowers and green leaves are spread as glue pressure on the walls and act almost like a painting.
A great option to strip wallpaper we see Cassata: Textile wallpaper with fine colored stripes on a violet background adorns the room with fine stripes and creates such a special appearance.

The Unis of a textile wallpaper collection are always nice to look at: The high-grade surface of the uni wallpaper creates walls that appear elegant and classy.

The pattern of these collections are also suitable for a beautiful combination:
Creative Interior Designers like to paper Leopard with an ornament, creating spaces that are not often seen.

Let yourself be inspired by the modern patterns and bold colors of textile wallpapers of Cassata and creates rooms full lust for life.

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