Rasch Textil - Amira – non-woven wallpaper with ornaments spread shine in your hallway and living room

Decorations and ornaments bring in the collection Amira by Rasch Textil the neo-baroque to the walls. Shiny Plains and wide stripes create along with three embroidered wall panels elegant and refined rooms.

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The non-woven wallpaper collection Amira from Rasch Textil gives your walls that certain something. A skilful interplay of gloss, colors and different motifs lend an elegant look in your rooms. Find in this collection three ornaments, two striped patterns and three different plains for combining.

The absolute highlight of the collection are three high-quality wall panels with embroidered chenille yarn and non-woven backing. The 3m long panels are nice as an accent wall or can also be beautiful paper side by side.

Amira contains two ornamental pattern for fans of the neo-baroque: Firstly, an ornament with a slight oriental touch, to another one with many details for a classic look.
The pattern wallpaper shine beautifully and are equipped partly with glamorous luster pigments - with this pattern wallpaper is any wall to send a looker.

As a combination here are perfect, the wide stripes of the collection: Discover a varied stripe pattern with shiny zigzag pattern or even matt, wide stripes create the many possible combinations.

The third pattern of the collection from Rasch Textil is a curved pattern. The ornament is distributed so skilfully around the wall and creates exceptionally walls - even in your hallway.

Whether matte or with luster pigments, Amira holds three uni variants for you:
Thanks to the luster pigments of the uni wallpaper can also stand alone and so adorn any room. The matte uni wallpaper sets great color accents or are a silent companion of the eye-catching pattern.

Explore the special non-woven wallpapers of the collection of Amira by Rasch Textil with its shiny surfaces and elegant patterns.

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