Rasch Textil – Abaca – elegant non-woven wallpapers in combination with love and details wallpapers with a natural surface

Non-woven wallpapers and wallpapers with a natural surface – Abaca bids a big range of both. Wallpapers in covered colours build together with single colourful wallpapers and special economic precious wallpapers a many-sided collection.

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Abaca 23-229249 Rasch Textil beige matt non-woven wallpaper structured
Item no.: 23-229249
5,12 €/m51,41€*74,51 €
23-229157 Rasch Textil Abaca cream white glossy non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-229157
4,43 €/m44,50€*64,50 €
Rasch Textil Abaca 23-229102 olive green non-woven floral pattern wallpaper
Abaca 23-229454 Rasch Textil non-woven wallpaper glitter cream white pattern
Rasch Textil Abaca 23-229072 pattern wallpaper brown gold glossy
Item no.: 23-229072
4,12 €/m41,37€*59,95 €
Rasch Textil Abaca 23-229355 pattern wallpaper lime green non-woven
Item no.: 23-229355
4,12 €/m41,37€*59,95 €
Abaca 23-229553 Rasch Textil gray-beige non-woven wallpaper shimmering
Item no.: 23-229553
4,12 €/m41,37€*59,95 €
23-229409 Rasch Textil Abaca non-woven wallpaper lime green pattern glossy
Item no.: 23-229409
4,22 €/m42,43€*61,50 €
Abaca 23-213668 Rasch Textil earth tones natural wallpaper brown
Item no.: 23-213668_2
33,70 €/m33,70€*48,15 €
Rasch Textil Abaca 23-229133 pattern wallpaper floral lime green
Item no.: 23-229133
4,43 €/m44,50€*64,50 €
Abaca 23-229331 Rasch Textil non-woven wallpaper olive green checkered
Item no.: 23-229331
4,12 €/m41,37€*59,95 €
Abaca 23-213842 Rasch Textil paper wallpaper natural wallpaper gold-brown
Item no.: 23-213842_2
39,52 €/m39,52€*56,45 €
23-229287 Rasch Textil Abaca red non-woven wallpaper pattern textured
Item no.: 23-229287
5,12 €/m51,41€*74,51 €
Rasch Textil Abaca 23-229386 silver non-woven wallpaper stripes metallic
Item no.: 23-229386
4,22 €/m42,43€*61,50 €
Rasch Textil Abaca 23-229478 cream white non-woven wallpaper glossy
Item no.: 23-229478
4,43 €/m44,50€*64,50 €
Abaca 23-070230 Rasch Textil sisal wallpaper light beige natural wallpaper
Item no.: 23-070230_2
32,96 €/m32,96€*37,45 €
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The collection “Abaca” by Rasch Textil distinguishes oneself by diversity and convinces with the singularity.


Unobtrusive pattern wallpapers build a portion of the wallpaper collection. One example is a non-woven wallpaper with a floral design. This wallpaper exists in many different colours like for example in red, yellow, beige or green.


Discreet, one coloured wallpapers with a fine structured surface complement the pattern wallpapers. These wallpapers are characterised by little haptics like little dots or fine stripes.


Eight natural wallpapers top the collection Abaca off. These are a contrast to the other wallpapers of the collection because they are paper wallpapers and have a surface with natural materials. These economic precious wallpapers seems premium and caters for a special eye catcher in your room.


Because of reluctant colours in earth- and green tones the topic of the nature is more underlined. Every role of the nature wallpapers is unique because of the processing of nature materials.


The colours of the collection from non-woven wallpapers through to paper wallpapers are mainly in shades of beige, brown and green. Individual wallpapers in more colours are perfect for accent walls which are made to combine with discreet wallpapers.


Discover the versatile collection “Abaca” by Rasch Textil and decorate some highlights on your walls. 

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