Brillux Relief - paintable non-woven wallpaper with modern structures

The wallpaper collection of the relief Brillux are paintable wallpapers for walls and ceilings. There are various structures that adapt to any space for every style of living. By creating customized colors can create a unique room atmosphere.

Relief is a wallpaper collection of Brillux offered exclusively paintable wallpapers. Due to the different structures unique walls can be designed. The mix of modern structures and popular evergreens offers the right design for every style of living. Graphic shapes, floral patterns or the typical retro-style imparting great accents. Underline the wall covering in your favorite color and thus create an individual design. Give the structure of a particular Pep with shimmering colors and shiny surfaces.

The advantage of this paintable wall and ceiling coverings are the versatility. Whether in the hall, lounge, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom, children or youth room - you can wallpaper in every room.

Due to the properties such as the RAL quality mark, the wall adhesive technology and fully dry-strippable facilitates wallpapering. The phthalate plasticizers contained in one of the semi-volatile organic compounds, one suspected damage your health. The relief wall coverings are made phthalate-free and thus meet the EU directives on toys and baby products.

The wallpaper rolls are available in various sizes. The size of 0,53 x 10,05 m corresponds to a normal  EUR role. 1.06 x 25 m or 1.06 x 10.05 m are larger roles that are processed, for example, for the commercial sector.

See the collection of relief Brillux unique wallpaper design for you.

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