Wallpaper accessories and tools - paste, tassel, cover, brush and more

Glue, paste and Co. everything you need for successful painting work can be found in this category.

Look around, we can advise you and help you make the right choice.

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Cover 4 x 5 m, 9 my for painting and wallpapering
Item no.: 90410
1,21 €/Stück1,21€*
ready-white Universal - Hand putty for wall and ceiling surfaces
Item no.: 188200100095
3,69 €/Liter36,94€*
Brillux CreaGlas profession in 2308 coarse double chain
Item no.: 345723080000
3,98 €/m99,48€*
Brillux CreaGlas VG K 3119 Property medium
Item no.: 345731190000
5,27 €/m263,70€*
Plastic trowel to rub rubbing of teeth
Item no.: 90180
3,80 €/Stück3,80€*
Brillux CreaGlas 1000 1000 VG primed glass fleece
Item no.: 345710000000
3,33 €/m166,60€*
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Everything a painter needs can be found here under the category Other products. Renovation work must always be carefully prepared, so the renovation is not for chaos and do not pollute your home.

Delete or with the matching tape and the right cover you paste only the areas that you have provided. Good preliminary work is the alpha and omega for a perfect result painter. Everything you need can be found in our shop under the category Others. You need a detailed technical advice? No problem for that you need not go specially to the hardware store. We help and advise you by phone or email. We answer your questions and help you make the right choice.

A diverse assortment of spatulas, paints, adhesives, tarps, brushes, glue and much more can be found in this category Other Products. Browse comfortably and conveniently on the Internet in our store and see our product assortment. All you need for a successful wallpapering or painting can be found here. The category Other includes all products which are not classified under the other categories. Also wallpaper can be found here again, among other different woodchip wallpaper, Rapidvlies and a selection of fiberglass wallpaper.

If you need a special need for inks, adhesives, paint brushes and Co. We are happy to refer you to our online store color and technique, in this store you will find a wide choice and guarantee what you are looking for. We are for a personal consultation in our shop for paints, painting accessories and wallpapers in Reken disposal. If this should not be possible, you can gladly send us your questions via e-mail or call our hotline, we will advise you.

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