Marburg – Nena – Wallpapers for livingroom, corridor and bedroom with modern retro patterns.

Modern non-woven wallpapers with a touch of retro, 70s flair and great color combinations includes the collection Nena, by the marburg wallcoverings in cooperation with pop star Nena.

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Marburg Nena 6-57215 uni wallpaper lightblue mat non-woven plain
Item no.: 6-57215
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
6-46102 Nena Marburg white rosa türkis mural songtext 99 Ballons
Item no.: 6-46102
95,35 €/Stück95,35€*132,45 €
Marburg Nena 6-57209 taupe-brown mat non-woven wallpaper Uni plain
Item no.: 6-57209
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
6-57271 Nena Marburg non-woven Uniwallpaper yellow mat plain
Item no.: 6-57271
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
6-46098 Nena Marburg bunt black Songtext 99 ballons mural
Item no.: 6-46098
95,35 €/Stück95,35€*132,45 €
6-57265 Nena Marburg zebrapattern silver brown course non-woven wallpaper
Marburg Nena 6-57205 uni wallpaper non-woven pink mat plain
Item no.: 6-57205
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
6-57212 Nena Marburg red non-woven mat uni wallpaper plain
Item no.: 6-57212
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
6-46100 Marburg Nena 99 ballons Text white red bunt mural
Item no.: 6-46100
95,35 €/Stück95,35€*132,45 €
Marburg Nena 6-57213 lightgray mat plain non-woven uni wallpaper
Item no.: 6-57213
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
Marburg Nena 6-57211 non-woven wallpaper apricot uni wallpaper mat plain
6-57275 Nena Marburg non-woven Uniwallpaper white plain mat
Item no.: 6-57275
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
Marburg Nena 6-46101 mural 99 ballons Text white blue yellow
Item no.: 6-46101
95,35 €/Stück95,35€*132,45 €
6-57216 Nena Marburg mintgreen non-woven uni wallpaper plain mat
Item no.: 6-57216
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
Marburg Nena 6-46097 99 ballons songtext mural white black
Item no.: 6-46097
95,35 €/Stück95,35€*132,45 €
6-46096 Marburg Nena mural 99 ballons Songtext gray white
Item no.: 6-46096
95,35 €/Stück95,35€*132,45 €
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The collection includes four different main motives which all fall into the eye by your perfect color combination. The self-designed Nena NENA homonymous collection, draws a touch of retro patterns with it.

A theme of the collection are the typical 70s wallpaper patterns that everyone knows, also known as "crossed eyes". In calm tones such as white with gray pattern appears young and especially timeless. In a pretty color combination of white, turquoise, gray and pink gets the Retro patterns a whole new way and brings you that little something on the wall. For true lovers of the 70s was worried that Wallpaper in old school colors such as brown, orange and yellow make the 70 move back.

Let Various Retro pattern in bright shades guess Nena pops the cork not only on stage. A provocative color combination of pink, orange, lime-green and white show how beautiful can be colorful. More tranquil is the dark variant of the drop Wallpaper, in black and gray.

Graphic patterns in great color combinations such as various blue shades, red, orange and gray, white, gray and mint or black and orange act young and modern.

Animal print is not missing in this collection, a great combination of matte and glossy create beautiful effects. Lemon yellow in combination with shiny silver or a flashy deep pink in contrast with black show how versatile can be the wallpaper world.

For enough combination possibilities is catered for with this collection. Many matching uni wallpapers make combining simple and ensure a perfectly designed room.

True fans of Nena and your songs are pleased with murals as digital prints. The lyrics of your world hit "99 balloons" graces these murals in various typographies and color variations.

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