Marburg - Home Story - Classical motifs and stripes on non-woven wallpaper for living room and bedroom

With the collection Home Story of Marburg you can make modern retreats. Classic damask motifs, a special cell structure and decorations create an elegant and modern rooms. The non-woven wallpaper with natural cream and beige tones are spiced up by flashy orange and purple-mint.

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Provide you with the non-woven wallpaper collection Home Story of Marburg elegant living spaces. Choose from classic damask designs, modern cell-optics and romantic decorations:

Fans of elegant living rejoice as brown, purple, cream-white and dark-brown with a shiny damask motif structure and wonderful tones.
The structured unis offer a variety of options and the strip wallpaper with shiny accents make the classic picture perfect.

Two other wallpaper of this collection include beautiful ornaments that bring times with shiny surrounds the walls shine and create a refined atmosphere. Simply combine two different pattern wallpaper with ornaments together, a matching uni and this is the nice romantic room setting.

The last theme of the home story collection is a modern cell structure. Shimmering borders and great colors such as dark red and taupe look beautiful on the wall and become an eye-catcher. Wallpaper the matching strip wallpaper in crosswise for a great color effect in your living room.

Select at the non-woven wallpaper collection by the manufacturer Marburg of a variety of uni, which can be combined as desired to the different patterns. Great tones like sand-beige, cream, and taupe and mint-purple and pink form color accents and modern eye-catcher for your living room, bedroom, dining room and even your hallway.

Discover with the collection homestory the motive for your walls. Modern cells, classic damask designs and beautiful ornaments create unique home creations.

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