Marburg - Estelle - shiny flowers and decorations on non-woven wallpapers for your living room

Shiny unis, flower tendrils and oval shapes are offered by the modern wallpaper collection Estelle by Marburg wallpaper. Decorate the living room and bedroom with different gloss effects and motifs on non-woven wallpaper, which become an eye-catcher.

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The non-woven wallpapers of the collection Estelle of Marburg are for modern interior designers, who love something special. Shiny accents and surfaces in three themes enchant the rooms:

The first pattern wallpaper of the collection shows large flowers with tendrils. The background is bright-flecked and shimmers beautifully on the wall. To combine natural patterns and sophisticated look in your living room.
For this is a stripe wallpaper matching, that you can stick horizontally or vertically.

A graphic pattern we find the second theme: ovals forms spread in across the walls. The special thing about this wallpaper are the glossy surfaces, the clever accents and shine depending on the light differently and show their color. For combination here is again a brilliant stripe wallpaper that is timeless and can be wonderfully papered in every room.

The third theme of Estelle is a modern, natural pattern: The grass pattern spreads with lots of shine on the wall, creating a great effect on the eye. Now another non-woven wallpaper with romantic decorations to and already affects your bedroom chic and elegant.

The uni wallpaper of the collection by Marburg leaves any room look classy:
A mottled look is supported by a lot of shine and so fits into any pattern wallpaper collection.

As for the colors of Estelle, there is something for everyone: Simple, warm beige and cream, and dark-brown and taupe make the rooms appear natural. Rust-brown, petroleum-blue, light-green and rust-red fall every visitor in the eye and make for a great color accent in your living room.

Garnish with the shiny wallpaper of the collection Estelle by Marburg your bedroom and living room.

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