Marburg Wallcoverings - over 160 years of manufacturing of wallpaper and wall coverings

On these pages you will find normal wallpaper in the collection and also “Abschirmtapeten”. The collection with probably the most attention is the collection of the designer Harald Glööckler. Have fun looking around!

The German company was founded in 1845 and is one of the oldest wallpaper manufacturer in Europe.

It is a purely family business,already in its fifth generation.

At that time it was a specialty shop for interior design, the inclusion of wallpaper production began only in year 1897.

Until the second world war, the company was based in Marburg.

Since the 1950s, the company headquarter is now in Kirchhain.

The manufacturer puts a lot of emphasis on 'Made in Germany' and therefore it produces sophisticated products only in Germany, but their products are marketed worldwide.

Namely, in 80 countries. The main countries in addition to Europe are  the U.S., China and Russia.

The number of employees is 365 at the moment. 2012 Marburg wallpaper made a sale of 85 Million euros.

Marburg developed the first wallpaper without a rapport and the first non-woven wallpaper.

As for the products, Marburg manufactures more than 4000 different wallpapers, most of the collections is in the mid to upper price segment.

Marburg produced by all wallpaper manufacturers the highest proportion of modern non-woven wallpaper.

At the moment you will find in our wallpaper store six different collections of Marburg wallpapers.

The wallpaper factory is also known for its technical wall coverings:

they produce, for example, wall coverings that shield electrosmog and x-rays.

And even bugproof wallpapers were developed.

Find in this category all the wallpapers of this versatile manufacturer Marburg wallpapers.

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