Grandeco – Origine – unique patterns in colourful colours and washed optic

Give your four walls an impressively wall design – with the non-woven wallpapers from the collection “Origine” by Grandeco. Let every wall shine alone and individually. By the retro patterns that are made modern gets every room a completely new appearance.

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Grandeco Origine 37-OR3106 non-woven wallpaper black-ocher spikes shining
Item no.: 37-OR3106
2,62 €/m26,36€*32,95 €
37-OR1006 Grandeco Origine non-woven wallpaper mint-blue uni mat living room
Grandeco Origine 37-OR3402 non-woven wallpaper beige-cream ornaments
Item no.: 37-OR3402
2,62 €/m26,36€*32,95 €
Grandeco Origine 37-OR2001 non-woven wallpaper bright-grey ornaments watery
37-OR3301 Grandeco Origine non-woven wallpaper beige tendrils glitter flowers
37-OR1004 Grandeco Origine warm grey uni flecked non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 37-OR1004
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
Grandeco Origine 37-OR3001 non-woven wallpaper big diamonds bright-gray gold
Grandeco Origine pale-orange cream non-woven wallpaper ornaments
Item no.: 37-OR3403
2,62 €/m26,36€*32,95 €
37-OR2007 Grandeco Origine cream-beige non-woven wallpaper ornaments
Item no.: 37-OR2007
2,62 €/m26,36€*32,95 €
37-OR3004 Grandeco Origine non-woven wallpaper cream-beige big diamonds
Item no.: 37-OR3004
2,62 €/m26,36€*32,95 €
Grandeco Origine 37-OR2003 non-woven wallpaper pale-green ornaments
Item no.: 37-OR2003
2,62 €/m26,36€*32,95 €
Grandeco Origine 37-OR3404 non-woven wallpaper mint-green ornaments
Item no.: 37-OR3404
2,62 €/m26,36€*32,95 €
37-OR1002 Grandeco Origine bright grey non-woven wallpaper uni flecked
Item no.: 37-OR1002
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
Grandeco Origine 37-OR1003 living room beige-grey non-woven wallpaper uni
Item no.: 37-OR1003
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
Grandeco Origine 37-OR3103 non-woven wallpaper spikes shining purple-petrol
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With the non-woven wallpapers of the collection "Origine" by Grandeco you can set special accents in your home. Noble patterns with fine glitter and stylish ornaments in a washed-out look characterize the unique wallpaper collection.

Starting with non-woven wallpapers, whose ornaments look like painted ones themselves and set an eye-catcher in the living room, you can decorate the walls in the room stylishly. The color variation of the non-woven wallpaper ranges from a fresh light blue on a simple beige to a cozy red tone. So the right color for the ambience of the room is quickly found.

Also an eye-catcher in the room is the non-woven wallpaper with colorful stripes, which merge softly into each other. The stripes leave an impressive look on the wall.

A highlight of this collection are non-woven wallpapers with spikes in different colors, which create a stylish atmosphere in the living room. The special structure of this wallpaper gives it a unique look.

Those who prefer clear structures, rather than softly changing colors on the walls, will find a large selection of non-woven wallpapers with clear patterns and motifs.

Give your living room a natural flair through delicate flower tendrils that spread over the wall. Gentle glitter settles on the non-woven wallpaper and gives it a noble look.

Diamond patterns are available in this collection in two different designs. With either large or small diamonds you can decorate the walls of your living room or bedroom stylishly. Find in the soft color selection the right wallpaper according to your imaginations.

For every taste, you will find matte, shiny and glittering uni wallpapers in Origine that perfectly complements any pattern. The natural color selection finds a place in every room.

With the non-woven wallpapers from the Origine collection, Grandeco has created a large selection of non-woven wallpapers for a modern room. Between cool color gradients and noble glittering patterns you will quickly find the right wallpaper.

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