Grandeco – Nordic Elegance – Fresh non-woven wallpapers with natural nature motifs for the living room

To get the nature optically into your own four walls – easily with the non-woven wallpapers of the collection “Nordic Elegance” by Grandeco. The natural Scandinavian patterns become to the eye-catcher on every wall.

Grandeco Nordic Elegance 37-NG1212 non-woven wallpaper shining petrol lines
37-NG2004 Grandeco Nordic Elegance non-woven wallpaper copper-grey plants
Item no.: 37-NG2004
2,25 €/m22,57€*32,95 €
Grandeco Nordic Elegance 37-NG2285 non-woven wallpaper black grey leaves
Item no.: 37-NG2285
2,25 €/m22,57€*32,95 €
Grandeco Nordic Elegance 37-NG3209 non-woven wallpaper plants beige-grey
Item no.: 37-NG3209
2,25 €/m22,57€*32,95 €
37-NG1006 Grandeco Nordic Elegance bright mint non-woven wallpaper uni shine
Grandeco Nordic Elegance 37-NG2295 non-woven wallpaper blue cream leaves
Item no.: 37-NG2295
2,25 €/m22,57€*32,95 €
37-NG2002 Grandeco Nordic Elegance non-woven wallpaper tendrils creme shining
Grandeco Nordic Elegance 37-NG3005 non-woven wallpaper decoration turquoise
37-NG2092 Grandeco Nordic Elegance plants mint-blue non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 37-NG2092
2,25 €/m22,57€*32,95 €

"Nordic Elegance" – "Nordic Elegance" – natural non-woven wallpapers with elegant shine and Scandinavian patterns find their place on every wall.

Let yourself be inspired by the natural patterns and motifs of the non-woven wallpapers from the collection "Nordic Elegance" by Grandeco.

A non-woven wallpaper with natural trees and a soft glow decorates the walls in the living room. Single wallpapers in shades of gray and beige complete the natural look of the tree trunks and leave an impressive ambience.

Also found in Nordic Elegance are non-woven wallpapers, with flower tendrils that just pull over the wall. In the natural and gentle color selection you will find the perfect wallpaper to your taste quickly.

Give your room a new look with natural flowers that spread over the wall stylishly. Covered with soft glitter they become a special eye-catcher on every wall.

Glossy non-woven wallpapers with fine leaf motifs are a perfect way to decorate your walls in both the bedroom and in the living room. The patterns of non-woven wallpapers remember to the fresh summer in Scandinavia.

A highlight on the wall is the non-woven wallpaper with elegant ornaments, which shine softly depending on the light. Color-coordinated uni wallpapers round off the look in the room stylishly.

Also an eye-catcher on the wall are the non-woven wallpapers with fine lines, which leave an impressive look on the entire wall. Combined with a plain uni wallpaper, the unique pattern of this wallpaper comes to the fore.

The non-woven wallpaper with impressive tree motifs, whose leaves are softly glittering, ensures a natural living atmosphere. The simple color scheme of the wallpaper brings a welcoming atmosphere with it.

Matching all patterns, you will find simple uni wallpapers, some of which impressively shine and sparkle and achieve so an incomparable look.

Feel the Scandinavian freshness in your home. Natural non-woven wallpaper give each room a new and special appearance that brings good mood with it.

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