Grandeco – Botanical – fancy graphic wallpapers with motifs from the tropic rainforest

The wallpaper collection Botanical by Grandeco is characterized by the different tropic graphic wallpapers for the whole house.
Non-woven wallpapers with graphics from the rainforest make every room to a real eye-catcher and change your four walls into a colorful jungle.

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Grandeco Botanical 37-BA2101 non-woven wallpaper leaves beige-brown
Item no.: 37-BA2101
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
Grandeco Botanical 37-BA2110 jeans-blue graphic wallpaper leaves
Item no.: 37-BA2110
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
37-BA2109 Botanical Grandeco bright aubergine leaves non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 37-BA2109
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
37-BA2501 Botanical Grandeco spanish tiles beige non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 37-BA2501
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
Grandeco Botanical 37-BA2108 non-woven wallpaper fuchsia leaves stripes
Item no.: 37-BA2108
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
37-BA1002 Botanical Grandeco uni wallpaper Papyrus purple non-woven wallpaper
Grandeco Botanical 37-BA2106 non-woven wallpaper hop-green woven wallpaper
Item no.: 37-BA2106
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
Grandeco Botanical 37-BA2502 non-woven wallpaper taupe spanish tiles
Item no.: 37-BA2502
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
Grandeco Botanical 37-BA2403 palm leaves turquoise-green wallpaper
Item no.: 37-BA2403
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
Grandeco Botanical 37-BA2504 pattern wallpaper colorful spanish tiles
Item no.: 37-BA2504
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
37-BA2107 Botanical Grandeco leaves turquoise non-woven wallpaper optics
Item no.: 37-BA2107
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
37-BA2203 Botanical Grandeco non-woven wallpaper green pattern jungle
Item no.: 37-BA2203
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
37-BA2404 Botanical Grandeco green non-woven wallpaper palm leaves
Item no.: 37-BA2404
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
37-BA2105 Botanical Grandeco leaves beige-brown woven wallpaper
Item no.: 37-BA2105
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
Grandeco Botanical 37-BA2405 non-woven wallpaper beige palm leaves
Item no.: 37-BA2405
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
Grandeco Botanical 37-BA2401 wallpaper non-woven green palm leaves
Item no.: 37-BA2401
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
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Botanical by Grandeco - the wallpaper collection uses natural motifs from the rainforest and brings them on a non-woven wallpaper for your home.

Part of the wallpaper collection are colorful tile pattern, summer butterflies, tropical palm leaves, plants and fruits from the jungle.

Who knows the rainforest only the photos or on television, can get him with this wallpaper collection easily to his house – all year long.
Whether tropical birds in bright colors, unique tile-optics or impressive optical pattern with palm leaves.

For those who want to put their accents rather plain walls, there are in this collection more than enough choice.
The non-woven wallpaper in papyrus look smart and interesting at the same time. The papyrus optics transforms your living room into a real eye-catcher.

The butterflies act sweet and dreamy on the bedroom wall. The colorful butterflies promises sweet dreams and draw everyone's attention.

Another highlight of this collection is on the non-woven wallpaper with nature motifs.
Such as the palm leaves that seem like being in the jungle.
Non-woven wallpapers in papyrus optics give the impression to live in a small hut in the rainforest.

The different colors come together in this collection - no pattern is too much and no uni wallpaper too plain.

Particularly a natural barks optics in the living room brings a warm and cozy effect with it.

Particularly impressive are the non-woven wallpapers with little palm leaves, which produces an interesting pattern on the large wall - horizontal stripes over the entire wall, and the room appear bigger.

With different graphic wallpapers the wallpaper collection can make your dreams live freely and transform your home into a tropical rainforest.

The wallpapers in the collection provide holiday feelings throughout the year.

A real eye-catcher is also the non-woven wallpaper in tiled look. The wall in the living room looks a real tiled wall confusingly similar.

With the collection of Botanical from Grandeco you get a piece of the jungle in your living room.

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