Grandeco - 2nd Skin - crocodile, snake and ostrich as animalskin-optics on non-woven wallpaper

Various animal prints shows the successor to the New Skin Collection by Crandeco. The modern animal skin optics bring structure an unmistakable appearance in living room and hallway.

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Whether snake, crocodile or ostrich - the trend is toward animal print for the walls and Grandeco 2nd Skin shows this in modern non-woven wallpaper for your home.

The pattern wallpaper with crocodile skin look is modern, chic and leaves much room for design possibilities, so you conjure up side by side papered an interesting stripe pattern on the wall, which creates a lot of variety. Perfect to fit a uni wallpaper with a slight sheen and a leather look, which gives a high-quality look to the walls.

Chic and stylish looks, the next non-woven wallpaper of the collection 2nd Skin: A shaded pad patterns bring the cushions in the living room look thus not only the furniture but also on the walls and bring to your visitors to marvel. Again, the uni wallpaper suitable with leather look great for combining.

To whom the skin look is nothing, papers a natural fur look to the walls: in natural colors, the living room looks so cozy and brings a touch of modernity to your home. The matching uni-wallpapers have a light fur look, too.

Something subtle then acts already ostrich leather look from this collection of Grandeco: the wallpaper acts by itsstructure high quality and can, for example, give the corridor a whole new, extravagant appearance.

Finally, we find in the collection 2nd Skin a snakeskin look, the python skin gives slight sheen and brings glamor into your home. In strong tones as petrol or dark-red you set so colorful accents.

Explore in the collection of 2nd Skin Grandeco the appropriate animal skin optics for your rooms and make so for highlights throughout the house.

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