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[Translate to English:] BN/Voca – Loft – moderne Designs in 2D- und 3D-Optiken für ein einzigartiges Raumbild

With the wallpaper collection “Loft” shows the wallpaper manufacturer BN/Voca what is meant with a stylish wall designing. Modern patterns and combinations let every wall look special and unmistakable.

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BN/Voca Loft 12-218402 Wallpaper graphic pattern green
BN/Voca Loft 12-218390 Wallpaper Uni violett
Item no.: 12-218390
3,20 €/m31,96€*39,95 €
BN/Voca Loft 12-218418 Wallpaper graphic pattern gray
BN/Voca Loft 12-218384 Wallpaper Uni beige
Item no.: 12-218384
3,20 €/m31,96€*39,95 €
BN/Voca Loft 12-218386 Wallpaper Uni blue
Item no.: 12-218386
3,20 €/m31,96€*39,95 €
BN/Voca Loft 12-218462 Wallpaper Uni Black/Gold
Item no.: 12-218462
2,80 €/m27,97€*34,95 €
BN/Voca Loft 12-218430 Wallpaper graphic pattern yellow
BN/Voca Loft 12-218400 wallpaper graphic pattern cream
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With the wallpapers from the collection “Loft” by the wallpaper manufacturer BN/Voca you can create every of your walls into a stylish eye-catcher. Non-woven wallpapers with different designs give every room a new ambiance.

Impressive motifs in 2D- or 3D-optics let every wall look unmistakable.

Further noble accents in the room guarantees the uni wallpaper in black with a soft gold-shimmering melting. The fine gold particles are shining depending on the light incident strongly or discreetly.

A geometric pattern with a real looking 3D-optic guarantees that every view will be caught by the wallpaper and so the wall gets on the focus of the room. In diverse models every walls gets their fitting color design.

The series with the uni wallpapers with an impressive used-look gives every wall an unmistakable character which changes the optics of the whole room.

For those are the dark-shaded colours are too less, BN/Voca offers those wallpapers with impressive leaf motifs. 

The non-woven wallpaper collection stands out by the wallpaper series which show little squares and on the whole wall you can see an unmistakable 3D-net optics.

The intention to change the optic of a whole room with the help of a non-woven wallpaper proved the wallpaper manufacturer with this collection completely.

Get inspired by the numerous designs and combination possibilities of the wallpapers from the modern collection “Loft” by BN/Voca. Change your four walls into a stylish paradise which gets surrounded by trendy and impressive non-woven wallpapers.

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