AS Creation – X-Ray - flowery freshness in natural colors for your living room

Flowers from one side, as you have never seen them before. Fresh and modern designs let each wall shine in its own way. Discover the fascinating non-woven wallpaper of the "X-Ray” by AS Creation.

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AS Creation X-Ray 34248-3, 342483 living room beige non-woven wallpaper uni
non-woven wallpaper AS Creation X-Ray 34246-5 blue-orange little leaves
Item no.: 8-34246-5
2,57 €/m25,86€*36,95 €
34273-3 non-woven wallpaper X-Ray AS Creation pale-red flower chain shining
34272-2, 342722 non-woven wallpaper X-Ray AS Creation gray shining flowers
Item no.: 8-34272-2
2,57 €/m25,86€*36,95 €
AS Creation X-Ray 34246-4 little leaves blue-green non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 8-34246-4
2,57 €/m25,86€*36,95 €
non-woven wallpaper AS Creation X-Ray 34246-2 grey-silver little leaves
Item no.: 8-34246-2
2,57 €/m25,87€*36,95 €
34248-5, 342485 non-woven wallpaper X-Ray AS Creation uni orange living room
AS Creation X-Ray 34247-5, 342475 grey-brown leaves non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 8-34247-5
2,57 €/m25,86€*36,95 €
AS Creation X-Ray 34245-3, 342453 purple-red big leaves non-woven wallpaper
AS Creation X-Ray 34248-9, 342489 bright-grey non-woven uni wallpaper
Item no.: 8-34248-9
2,37 €/m23,77€*33,95 €
non-woven wallpaper AS Creation X-Ray 34247-3, 342473 wine-red leaf-tendrils
AS Creation X-Ray 34246-1 non-woven wallpaper little leaves beige shining
Item no.: 8-34246-1
2,57 €/m25,86€*36,95 €
34274-2, 342742 non-woven wallpaper X-Ray AS Creation beige blossoms shining
34245-2, 342452 non-woven wallpaper X-Ray AS Creation big leaves bright-grey
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The focus of the non-woven wallpaper collection "X-Ray" is on nature motifs in fresh, vibrant colors that will change your four walls unmistakably.

Whether wildly messed up or arranged as tendrils - flowers and leaves are very versatile and can be combined as desired.

From simple, soft colors to noble luster and bright and vivid colors, X-Ray has it all.

Small and large leaf tendrils in colorful and fresh colors bring the whole room to life and are a highlight in every room thanks to the unique and modern look.

Large flowers that spread over the wall in soft colors bring spring to your home all year round.

Suitable for this, you will find a non-woven wallpaper with curved lines that make the walls appear higher thanks to their special appearance.

The non-woven wallpaper with stacked flowers that enchant the walls ensure freshness in living room and bedroom. The slight shine on the flowers acts noble and special.

As a change of colorful flowers, X-Ray has natural leaf tendrils that can be found in dining, sleeping and living rooms. The unique look of the leaves makes them a real eye-catcher on the wall.

Flowers in bright colors that adorn as tendrils over the wall decorate each wall in style. The color selection of the flowers ranges from bright orange, over fresh turquoise to a noble beige.

Matching, radiant uni, such as a striking orange, a Bordeaux red or an invigorating green show every facet of the non-woven wallpapers.

Bring the fresh spring into your home with the non-woven wallpapers of the X-Ray by AS Creation. Vivid and noble colors make this wallpaper collection a real must in any of your rooms.

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