AS Creation – Metropolis by Michalsky – extravagant graphic wallpapers for the stylish living room

Another wallpaper collection with modern, stylish design wallpapers for the living room released the fashion designer Michael Michalsky. Together with the wall-paper manufacturer A.S. Creation he proved his design arts and has with graphic wallpapers, extravagant patterns and unique designs all expectations can give to the designer.

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Metropolis by Michalsky 8-30398-2, 303982 wallpaper grey 3D-graphics
Item no.: 8-30398-2
1,88 €/m18,86€*26,95 €
Metropolis by Michalsky 8-30459-2, 304592 wallpaper grey-taupe stripes
Item no.: 8-30459-2
1,88 €/m18,86€*26,95 €
AS Creation Metropolis by Michalsky 8-30457-2, 304572 uni wallpaper beige
Item no.: 8-30457-2
1,67 €/m16,77€*23,95 €
8-30397-2, 303972 Metropolis by Michalsky stripes cream non-woven wallpaper
8-96133-4, 961334 Metropolis by Michalsky AS Creation wallpaper red flowers
Metropolis by Michalsky 8-30396-4, 303964 dark-green ornament wallpaper
Item no.: 8-30396-4
1,95 €/m19,56€*27,95 €
8-30396-3, 303963 Metropolis by Michalsky AS Creation beige ornament
Item no.: 8-30396-3
1,95 €/m19,56€*27,95 €
AS Creation Metropolis by Michalsky 8-96133-3, 961333 wallpaper cream flowers
AS Creation Metropolis by Michalsky 8-30457-4, 304574 uni wallpaper petrol
Item no.: 8-30457-4
1,67 €/m16,77€*23,95 €
8-96132-7, 961327 Metropolis by Michalsky AS Creation uni wallpaper gray
Item no.: 8-96132-7
1,67 €/m16,77€*23,95 €
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Modern, extravagant and a clear concept – these are the main words, under which the designs by Michalsky are known.

In the new wallpaper collection of the German fashion designer offers A.S. Creation a broad spectrum of non-woven wallpapers with fancy 3D-patterns, unique graphics and modern patterns.
For his person stand extravagant designs which he also proved in this wallpaper collection.

The focus on this collection lays on the wall design of the living room.

Divided up in different themes he designed matching non-woven wallpapers, which should set accents in every room.

Beginning with “Hollywood” he starts with modern design in natural colours. With different models in grey- and crème tones, every living room becomes a unique eye-catcher. Graphic pattern should beautify every wall and create a complete new room.

With “South Beach” gets every bedroom a summer-beach-feeling. Fresh colors and natural motifs let you feel like being on the beach in the summer. Only by one non-woven wallpaper with nature motifs shines the whole room with freshness and naturalness.

Under “Soho” one find in the wallpaper-collection noble pattern like ornaments and stripes with glossy pigments. Classic colours combined with unique pattern create an elegant but also comfortable room.

Rounded gets Michalsky’s collection with the “Mayfair” line. Here you can find modern, clear pattern which match in every room. Flowers, which look like punched out will catch on the wall in the living room every look.

The non-woven wallpaper collection of the fashion designer stands especially by their uniqueness out and makes every room to a real eye-catcher.

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