AS Creation – Harmony in Motion by Mac Stopa – modern design wallpapers with unique 3D-optics

Fancy designs for the living room – with the current wallpaper collection „Harmony in motion by Mac Stopa” the wallpaper manufacturer AS Creation ensures together with the polish designer Mac Stopa unmistakable walls – in every room.



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Unmistakable, extraordinary and stylish – that are three words which describe the non-woven wallpaper collection “Harmony in Motion by Mac Stopa” by AS Creation.


The polish designer converted his design skills as non-woven wallpapers and guarantees with conspicuous colors and unique graphics for an unmistakable look.


The wall should stand in the focus of the room and pull all views on it.


Beginning with a honeycomb optic in shrill and colourful colours, the wall gets an individual optic. So every view will get caught in the optic of the non-woven wallpaper.


Non-woven wallpapers with a bubble pattern in turquoise and grey tones ensure an extravagant ambiance and leave and impressively effect. The bubbles look like little water drops which found their place on the wall in the living room.


Colours like neon-green, a fresh turquoise or a bright pink guarantee a fresh and energy atmosphere.


The words “Harmony in motion” describe the designs and graphics of the non-woven wallpapers exactly.

By expressive designs the walls become alive and get an alive and strong character in the room.

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