A.S. Creation Cocktail - modern, extravagant wallpapers for kitchen, bathroom, living- and bedroom

Renovate with the cocktail wallpaper collection of A.S. Creation, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room or the bedroom. Modern and extravagant non-woven wallpapers with stone finishes, wood-optics and concrete plaster optics in various color combinations lend great room atmospheres.

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Cocktail 8-94299-2, 94299-2 non-woven wallpaper stripes blue-brown
Item no.: 8-94299-2
1,94 €/m19,47€*29,95 €
Cocktail 94282-1 8-94282-1 stone look red non-woven wallpaper Signs
Item no.: 8-94282-1
1,94 €/m19,47€*29,95 €
6787-68 cocktail 8-6787-68 plain wallpaper taupe satin fabric
Item no.: 8-6787-68_2
1,62 €/m16,24€*21,96 €
Cocktail 8-94282-2, 94282-2 gray stone-look labels non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 8-94282-2
1,94 €/m19,47€*29,95 €
Cocktail 8-8845-10, 8845-10 brown wood panels non-woven wallpaper writing
Item no.: 8-8845-10
1,66 €/m16,65€*23,45 €
Cocktail 8-94314-2, 94314-2 meditation non-woven trim blue-brown
Item no.: 8-94314-2
3,90 €/m19,49€*27,45 €
Cocktail 8-94312-1, 94312-1 Buddha gray non-non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 8-94312-1
1,94 €/m19,47€*29,95 €
AS Creation cocktail 8-94308-2 kitchen beige vinyl wallpaper coffee
Item no.: 8-94308-2
1,94 €/m19,49€*27,45 €
2965-28 cocktail 8-2965-28 gray non-woven wallpaper Glitter Uni
Item no.: 8-2965-28_2
1,76 €/m17,72€*23,95 €
AS Creation cocktail 8-94283-1 red non-woven wallpaper stone look
Item no.: 8-94283-1
1,94 €/m19,47€*29,95 €
Cocktail 8-94279-1, 94279-1 fruit non-woven wallpaper cream kitchen
Item no.: 8-94279-1
1,94 €/m19,49€*27,45 €
AS Creation cocktail 8-94298-3 non-woven wallpaper dark-gray kitchen
Item no.: 8-94298-3
1,94 €/m19,47€*29,95 €
2965-66 cocktail 8-2965-66 red glitter non-woven wallpaper Uni
Item no.: 8-2965-66
1,94 €/m19,47€*29,95 €
Cocktail 94283-2 8-94283-2 non-woven wallpaper light-gray stone look
Item no.: 8-94283-2
1,94 €/m19,47€*29,95 €
Cocktail 8-2309-28, 2309-28 plain wallpaper creamy white non-woven
Item no.: 8-2309-28_2
1,69 €/m16,98€*22,96 €
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The wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Creation offers in the collection of cocktail wallpaper in a modern style. With back-stone finishes, wood-optics and concrete plaster optics you make the walls in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen very modern.

The wood planks give a special look in the kitchen. With drinks signs and lettering in the American style on wood look, they put little eye-catcher.

With back-stone finishes in dark-gray, light-gray and red beautify your living space and lend a loft-like atmosphere. In addition, with metal plates in the nostalgic look they put special eye-catcher.

Especially in the bathroom the concrete-plaster-look gives a nice atmosphere. With fine shimmer and harmonic color combinations can make beautiful walls. These can be combined a matching edging or pattern wallpaper with Buddha and bamboo.

For the kitchen are chilies and writings as "Pepper" as a wallpaper pattern a nice eye-catcher. Even sparkling fruit pictures in modern violet or green set nice accents in the kitchen. With matching plain wallpaper and fine glitter pigments to make a beautiful room atmosphere.

Find modern and extravagant nonwoven wallpaper from the collection of Cocktail for your new kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom furnishings.

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