AS Creation – Björn – clean lines and structures in fresh colors for a modern living atmosphere

The wallpaper collection Björn by AS Creation combines Scandinavian patterns and motifs with natural, fresh colors. With clearly defined, geometric shapes and patterns you will enchant every room.

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35118-4, 351184 non-woven wallpaper Björn AS Creation grey-yellow rhombuses
3493-16, 349316 non-woven wallpaper uni Björn AS Creation middle-grey
Item no.: 8-3493-16
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
AS Creation Björn 35118-2, 351182 apricot-grey rhombuses non-woven wallpaper
non-woven wallpaper AS Creation Björn 35180-2, 351802 pattern bright-grey
Item no.: 8-35180-2
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
3531-53, 353153 non-woven wallpaper Björn AS Creation uni sun-yellow
Item no.: 8-3531-53
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
3533-13, 353313 non-woven wallpaper Björn AS Creation uni petrol living room
AS Creation Björn 3493-23, 349323 living room uni wallpaper non-woven cream
AS Creation Björn 34900-3, 349003 black-white rhombuses non-woven wallpaper
AS Creation Björn 3533-20, 353320 non-woven wallpaper uni stone-grey
Item no.: 8-3533-20
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
AS Creation Björn 35180-4, 351804 wallpaper non-woven pattern bright-blue
Item no.: 8-35180-4
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
AS Creation Björn 34869-2, non-woven wallpaper middle-grey graphic pattern
35180-3, 351803 non-woven wallpaper Björn AS Creation sand-grey lines
Item no.: 8-35180-3
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
AS Creation Björn 35117-2 non-woven wallpaper graphic pattern mint-blue
Item no.: 8-35117-2
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
35119-3, 351193 non-woven wallpaper Björn AS Creation beige-yellow rhombuses
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Immerse yourself in the harmonious flair of Scandinavia. Soft colors and expressive shapes and motifs tell their own special story on the wall.

Starting with large rhombuses, which are spread over the wall in two different colors, set a stylish eye-catcher in the room. The diamonds result an impressive 3D look on the wall.

With geometric shapes that line up, you're guaranteed to catch every view on the wall. Combined with a matching color uni wallpaper the look of the pattern wallpaper is even more effective.

Continue with the range of non-woven wallpapers with a fascinating, graphic pattern. Gently shiny lines create an incomparable, modern look on the wall.

The non-woven wallpaper with small spikes, which blend into each other, seem rather unimpressive at first glance, but viewed on the entire wall, the pattern is a real eye-catcher. In fresh colors, your wall can radiate naturally and stylishly.

The rhombus can be found in different designs in Björn. Whether in colorful rectangles or spread in long stripes on the wall - the pattern is guaranteed to find a place in your home.

Matching uni wallpapers can be found in this collection in a large selection. Between noble glossy or completely matt, slightly foamed structure or in completely smooth - the suitable uni wallpaper for your taste is certainly fast found.

Create a visual eye-catcher on the wall with a non-woven wallpaper with thin lines that result an impressive pattern. The pattern almost looks like a labyrinth on the wall, but it still remains clearly defined.

At the end of the modern collection you will find triangles of different sizes in softly selected colors. In three different versions, the gray tones of the wallpaper are replaced by a colorful color and create a harmonious ambience.


Let the magical Scandinavia, known for its harmony and freshness, move into your four walls and let yourself be convinced how a wallpaper can transform a whole room.

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