AS Creation - Authentic Walls - patter wallpaper with nature optics and modern designs

Whether stone wall, imitation wood or natural patterns, Authentic Walls by AS Creation offers natural designs in many color variations for your home. Highlights can be set with the creative murals of the wallpapers collection.

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AS Creation Authentic Walls 8-30174-2, 301742 orchid flower wallpaper white
8-30453-7, 304537 Authentic Walls AS Creation mural panel Books XXL
Item no.: 8-30453-7
71,96 €/Stück71,96€*99,95 €
8-96184-3, 961843 Authentic Walls AS Creation bamboo wallpaper light green
Item no.: 8-9618-43
2,07 €/m20,85€*28,95 €
8-30259-2, 302592 Authentic Walls AS Creation wooden slats wallpaper beige
Item no.: 8-30259-2
1,93 €/m19,41€*26,95 €
AS Creation Authentic Walls 8-30414-1, 304141 imitation wood brown wallpaper
AS Creation Authentic Walls 8-30170-1, 301701 colorful New York Wallpaper
Item no.: 8-30170-1
1,18 €/m11,84€*16,45 €
8-30169-2, 301692 Authentic Walls AS Creation creamy white stone wall
Item no.: 8-30169-2
1,18 €/m11,84€*16,45 €
AS Creation Authentic Walls 8-30249-1, 302491 light gray wallpaper books
Item no.: 8-30249-1
1,93 €/m19,41€*26,95 €
AS Creation Authentic Walls 8-92451-3, 924513 plants pattern green paper
Item no.: 8-9245-13
1,18 €/m11,84€*16,45 €
8-30454-0, 304540 Authentic Walls AS Creation colorful decorative shelf mural
Item no.: 8-30454-0
71,96 €/Stück71,96€*99,95 €
8-95405-3, 954053 Authentic Walls AS Creation gray-brown wood optics woven
Item no.: 8-9540-53
2,15 €/m21,56€*29,95 €
8-91641-9, 916419 Authentic Walls AS Creation taupe imitation wood wallpaper
AS Creation Authentic Walls 8-30454-3, 304543 mural wooden pallets
Item no.: 8-30454-3
71,96 €/Stück71,96€*99,95 €
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Plenty of choice and combinations are the focus of Authentic Walls collection by AS Creation. The mixed collection of paper and non-woven wallpaper and photo wallpaper adds variety in your home.

Materials and natural optics are a big issue of the collection of AS Creation. Various stone look and stone walls in gray, brown and color mixing invite to renovate. Even wood looks spread their charm in your home, whether as wooden slats or wood structure look this pattern wallpaper look very cozy and lend rustic charm.

For the perfect loft style the plain wallpapers provide with concrete look or the wallpaper pattern with concrete patterns in the living room. In various gray tones, these concrete wallpaper can appear in any living room casual.

Usable for these optics Authentic Walls offers other cool designs:

Holiday mood comes with the creative Polaroid wallpaper with holiday patterns, designs from New York or London whet the appetite for a city trip.

Those who prefer a cozy room, decorate their home with a beautiful bookshelf wallpaper for the living room.

For a cool 3D effect, the pattern wallpaper makes squares: In blue or gray wallpaper throwing a gradient to the wall and brings a modern, new style on the walls. Also perfect for young living are the patterned wallpaper with rock art or graffiti - so the living room looks like new.

The highlight of Authentic Walls are the creative photo wallpapers: Whether rusty container, beautiful butterflies, rock 'n' roll or cool guitar - wallpapers are an eye-catcher in the room. With slightly shiny, smooth surface, the wall looks so very chic.

Let the collection Authentic Walls by AS Creation inspire you and give your walls a new look with modern pattern wallpaper and murals.

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