A. S. Creation - Home Trends 1 - ornaments and decorations for a classic living room

Shiny decorations, ornaments and graphics expect you with the nonwoven wallpaper collection "Home Trends 1" of A.S. Creation. In collaboration with Architects Paper high quality wallpaper for living room, bedroom and hallway have arisen.

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In the style of modern neo-baroque shows us the collection of A.S. Creation classic and elegant designs on non-woven wallpaper. Find between ornaments, decorations and shiny stripe-wallpaper for a chic living room.

Discover patterned wallpaper with ornaments, curved shapes and arranged patterns that look classy on the walls in your bedroom.
The smooth and slightly shiny surface of the wallpaper can shine the room nicely.
Various ornaments with shiny borders act classic in your living room. An ornamental pattern creates in silver shiny an oriental atmosphere in your bedroom.

Of course, the matching stripe and plain wallpaper with shiny, smooth surface may not be missing. Combine these easy to the desired pattern-wallpaper to and already the classical picture in your living room and bedroom is perfect.

A highlight of this collection of Architects Paper are the times simple, sometimes expressive colors of the non-woven wallpaper:
Delicate cream and cream-white and beige walls allow the bright and cheerful look and create a simple appearance.
Intensive, there are the tones rust-brown, light-green and purple-violet bring with a graphic pattern wallpaper life and extravagance in your home.

Create yourself classic and elegant walls with the quality non-woven fabric of the collection "Home Trends 1" of AS Creation and find between graphics, embellishments and ornaments your favorite pattern.

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