AS Creation – Architects Paper – Castello – classic modern ornaments for magical moments on your walls

The collection Castello from the premium and object brand "Architects Paper" by AS Creation gives you what is possible with ornaments. Unmatched, stylish patterns combined with high-quality materials make the non-woven wallpapers unique.

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AS Creation Castello 33540-2, 335402 shining wallpaper non-woven warm-grey
Item no.: 8-33540-2
3,35 €/m33,71€*44,95 €
33583-4 velours wallpaper Castello AS Creation gold-black decoration ornaments
33580-2, 335802 velours wallpaper Castello AS Creation ornaments gold big
Item no.: 8-33580-2
9,70 €/m97,46€*129,95 €
non-woven wallpaper AS Creation Castello 33540-3, 335403 gold shining uni
Item no.: 8-33540-3
3,35 €/m33,71€*44,95 €
velours wallpaper AS Creation Castello 33582-6 black-cream little ornaments
Item no.: 8-33582-6
9,70 €/m97,46€*129,95 €
33581-3, 335813 velours wallpaper Castello AS Creation warm-grey stripes
Item no.: 8-33581-3
9,70 €/m97,46€*129,95 €
AS Creation Castello 33540-5, 335405 ivory shining uni non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 8-33540-5
3,35 €/m33,71€*44,95 €
velours wallpaper AS Creation Castello 33580-1, 335801 cream big ornaments
Item no.: 8-33580-1
9,70 €/m97,46€*129,95 €
velours wallpaper AS Creation Castello 33583-6 black-olive decoration ornaments
33580-5, 335805 velours wallpaper Castello AS Creation black-oliv big ornaments
33540-7, 335407 velours wallpaper Castello AS Creation dark-purple uni
Item no.: 8-33540-7
3,35 €/m33,71€*44,95 €
non-woven wallpaper AS Creation Castello 33540-6, 335406 uni shining silver
33582-1, 335821 velours wallpaper Castello AS Creation ivory ornaments little
33540-1, 335401 non-woven wallpaper Castello AS Creation cream uni shining
Item no.: 8-33540-1
3,35 €/m33,71€*44,95 €
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Not only the high-quality selected materials make the velor wallpaper unique – the noble patterns turn the wall into an incomparable eye-catcher.


True to the motto: Less is more, the main focus of this collection is on ornaments, stripes and uni wallpapers - no more and no less. In order to remain true to their requirements, the patterns are available in various designs. Each pattern contributes to making your four walls special.


The softly selected colors look noble and special, but can be perfectly combined with each other.


With large ornaments noble highlights can be set in the room. The classic pattern finds a whole new space in your four walls, for a modern and impressive look.


The velour wallpaper with tightly arranged ornaments and ornaments provides a very special visual highlight. The whole wall creates an optical work of art that captures every glance.


The last series of Castello shows smaller ornaments whose design carries a small line. The ornaments are arranged perfectly and look very noble on the wall, whereby they are covered by a modern style.


With a classic striped wallpaper you will ensure calm and elegant moments. The wide stripes let your walls shine optically higher and give it a new, stylish look.


With the slightly glossy uni wallpapers, which by themselves are a real unique, you can perfectly round off the noble patterns and thus create a clear, uniform line.


Discover the look of the ornaments for yourself and create a unique flair in your home, which is not only a visual but also a haptic highlight.

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